Cream, Belly Butter and Summer Heat

Cream, Belly Butter and Summer Heat

If you don’t wish to deal with these variants, we recommend that you refrain from ordering this product online in the U.S. between the months of May and September.

We love the summertime, but the heat does bring its own set of challenges when it comes to transporting a few of our products. Our Cream and Belly Butter, in particular, are vulnerable to temperature fluctuations, and this can cause these products to arrive at their destination in liquid or semi-liquid form.

Before you get too nervous, let us first debunk any concerns for the product itself: after one of our products has melted, it is absolutely safe to use (even if it feels gritty from the crystallized shea butter)! The product is still effective; it just may have a different consistency or texture. 

One of the primary ingredients in our Cream and Belly Butter is organic shea butter. Shea butter is extracted from the kernel of a fruit tree that grows wild in west Africa. Although it is often called a “nut,” it more closely resembles an avocado than a nut like a walnut. Pure shea butter has a melting point range of 89˚F – 113˚F, which makes it solid at room temperature, but able to melt onto your skin (or when placed in temps above 89˚F).

We can’t say enough good things about this magical ingredient, but along with its amazing benefits, it is also a little fickle. We take special care when formulating our Cream and Belly Butter to create a dreamy smooth texture that melts on your skin, yet isn’t too oily. But when these products are subject to high temps, it can and will melt, resulting in a liquid product. When the temperature cools, the product will re-solidify, but often tiny crystals will form in the butter, resulting in a gritty texture.

The good news is that this is a natural occurrence, and absolutely nothing is wrong with the product or its effectiveness! When the cream or butter is warmed in your hands or against your skin, it will melt back into a smooth oil.

If your product melts, try these tips for restoring your Cream or Belly Butter:

  1. If it is in liquid form, give it a stir with a fork (or even better, a tiny whisk) and pop it into the fridge. As it cools, you can stir or whip a few more times to fluff some air into it while it's cooling.
  2. If your product is solid but grainy, just use it as is, OR, if you prefer a smoother texture, you can re-melt (we recommend setting the jar in a bath of hot water with the lid on tight!), then follow the steps in #1 above until solid.

Cream, Belly Butter and Summer Heat

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