Digital Wallpaper Download: October 2016

Digital Wallpaper Download: October 2016

Happy Fall, my lovelies. 

I couldn't quite get myself to do an image of a pumpkin, or anything Halloween-themed, even though this is October... there are plenty of other resources if you're looking for more of a literal Halloween-themed wallpaper! I just came across this pastoral image of sheep in a field, and something about the peace of this scene just spoke to me. And it is my belief that sheep can be fit into any season's theme. :) 

To download any size digital wallpaper, click on one of the following links according to the screen size you need, and a new window will open; just right-click on this image and download away. 



Zoe Organics Digital Wallpaper  |  Free Download  |  October 2016





October 2016 Digital Wallpaper  |  Free Download

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