How Often Should I Bathe My Child?

How Often Should I Bathe My Child?

It depends!

Babies and young children have thinner, more delicate skin and don’t need to be scrubbed down with soap every day. The most important areas to keep clean are hands, faces, diaper area and folds of their skin. Much of this can be done without a full bath, so generally 2-3 times per week is sufficient. 

Things to consider: 

  • Age
  • Activity level
  • Types of activities
  • Any skin conditions where bathing is more irritating (eczema)
  • What products are being used on the skin during a bath

For regular (even daily baths that are part of a bedtime routine), plain water or Baby Bath Tea are great alternatives to soap. A natural/organic castile soap is great, but it has a higher pH, so used too often can strip skin of natural oils that create a barrier for the skin. Even gentle soaps can be too drying and sting irritated and inflamed skin, resulting in more discomfort or even tears.  

Baby Bath Tea has natural cleansing and soothing properties of organic oats; calming lavender, chamomile and calendula flowers; and luxuriously moisturizing cocoa butter. 

Bonus: these ingredients work as anti-inflammatory agents to reduce redness and inflammation associated with diaper rash, sunburn, eczema or allergens.

Older children going through adolescence produce more oils and body odor, and daily showers might be necessary. For products, focus on gentle, clean ingredients! 


Bath Wash

Use regularly for hands (everyone in the family).

Use 2-3 per week for babies and kids.

Use for daily showers for tweens and teens.

Baby Bath Tea

Use as often as desired for babies and kids.

Tip: Big kids and adults love it too

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