The Perfect Skincare Routine for Babies

The Perfect Skincare Routine for Babies

Is there a perfect skin care routine for babies? While there may not actually be a one-size-fits-all approach, there are some guidelines we recommend when creating a skincare routine for your baby. We will focus on choosing nourishing, organic ingredients, what types of product to avoid and some product recommendations. 

After years of bath routines and skin challenges with our own kids, we have learned that less is more; both by using fewer products and by embracing simpler ingredients. 


  1. For bath time, the most common option is to lather your child with a liquid soap, like Zoe Organics Bath Wash - a gentle, silky castle soap foam, made with simple, straightforward ingredients and organic oils. There is a plethora of other baby gels or washes, but many contain harsh surfactants and unnecessary ingredients for delicate skin. Soap is not the only option! We have become increasingly proponents of an alternative to soaps and lathers with a tea blend soak made with organic oats and herbs that both gently cleans, while providing calming anti-inflammatory properties and protective moisture. Zoe Organics Baby Bath Tea is truly a unique product, and solution to eczema, sunburn, diaper rash or sensitive, reactive skin. It is important to note that most babies do not need to be bathed every day. In fact, doing so can disrupt their skin's protective mantle and compromise their skin. Keep diaper area, faces and hands clean but save the full baths for a few times per week and consider using a soothing herbal blend.  
  2. Immediately after the bath, it's important to replenish moisture and create a protective barrier on your baby's skin. Moisturizers vary in viscosity and texture and you can chose a product based upon your child's needs. These needs will likely change depending on the weather and exposure to the elements. A favorite for children and caregivers alike is our Baby Oil; a lightweight massage oil with a very light aromatherapy blend from organic lavender and roman chamomile essential oils. There are so many benefits ti incorporating infant massage into your daily routine and we created a guide with helpful times and techniques. You can download it here. For cooler, dryer months, a heavier moisturizer may be necessary. Our unscented, waterless Cream is part cream, part balm and made with 100% organic shea butter and oils that condition skin and seal in necessary moisture. This product is a hero for eczema or other compromised skin that needs extra TLC. 
  3. The skin on a child’s face withstands a lot. There seems to be a constant flow of things in and out of their mouths, drool, spit up, food...much of it ending up around their mouths causing irritation and chapped skin. Then there is weather. Dry air, central heat, wind, cold - these can all irritate delicate faces and can be quite uncomfortable. So, the first product we developed in the Zoe Organics baby line is our Everything Balm. This balm is conveniently packages in a large stick tube, that is easy to apply. Kids actually prefer to apply it themselves – how great is that?! This balm is so moisturizing, and with organic beeswax, it has some staying power to provide a layer of protection from the “elements”. Toss it in your go bag, stash one in your first aid kit, kitchen, changing table...and apply as often as needed. Perfectly safe if a small amount is ingested by applying around the mouth and on lips.  
  4. Last, but not least…no baby skincare routine is complete without taking care of the diaper area. A good diapering product is not only for when a rash develops. A good diapering product has multiple functions. 1) it provides protection between the skin and the moisture and solids that sit on the skin between diaper changes. 2) it keeps solids from sticking to the skin and requiring scrubbing or friction to remove it and clean baby's bottom, 3) it provides soothing herbs that help to eliminate redness and inflammation if rashes do develop. Zoe Organics Diaper Balm is a clean balm that goes on clear. No icky, pasty guck here. We recommend using this diaper balm at every diaper change because it provides your sweet babe with a constant barrier. You shouldn't have to use medicated ointments if you use a clean, herbal balm as a preventative. 


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