What You Might Not Know About Our New Gift Sets

What You Might Not Know About Our New Gift Sets

We are so excited to announce the arrival of our new Gift Sets! We've gathered three of our favorite products in both the Baby and Pregnancy categories, and packaged them together in beautiful new gift boxes.

First, an overview: 

Zoe Organics Baby Gift Set

Our Baby Gift Set includes full sizes of these three organic baby essentials:

Bath Wash (5 fl oz)

Our old-world style castile soap is made with pure, organic oils that gently cleanse without harsh detergents or surfactants. Packaged in an air-foaming pump that delivers the perfect amount of sudsy soap for everything from baby’s hair and body to the closest shave.

Diaper Balm (2 oz)

A natural barrier to protect baby’s sensitive skin from moisture and bacteria; this creamy, non-pasty balm goes on clear and is infused with soothing and restorative calendula, lavender and chamomile flowers. Cloth diaper compatible.

Baby Oil (2 fl oz)

Our calming blend of nutrient-rich oils is a perfect way to moisturize baby’s delicate skin. It also makes a wonderful massage oil for your bedtime ritual, with a light calming aromatherapy blend of lavender and chamomile, or as a way to gently manage cradle cap.


Zoe Organics Pregnancy Gift Set

Our Pregnancy Gift Set includes full sizes of these three organic pregnancy essentials:

Belly Butter (2 oz)

A rich conditioning treatment for stretching skin during pregnancy. While there is no magic potion to prevent stretch marks, our Belly Butter is remarkable at helping to soothe itching, and supporting the skin’s elasticity during pregnancy and postpartum.

Belly Oil (2 fl oz)

A powerful blend of nutrient-rich oils that supports skin as it stretches during pregnancy. This beautifully aromatic, luxurious moisturizer deeply penetrates to hydrate and soothe, and aid in healthy skin cell regeneration. Also for use postpartum to soothe and rejuvenate inflamed skin due to stretch marks or scarring.

Refresh Oil (.35 fl oz)

A perfect pick-me-up! Peppermint, ginger and lime essential oils help calm feelings of queasiness associated with morning sickness or motion sickness, and soothe tension. This refreshing oil blend is packaged in a small roller bottle that is easy to carry and apply.


We have been working behind the scenes on these gift sets for well over a year, thinking of ways to improve the ones we had and make them better. We've always loved providing gift sets for baby and pregnancy, and each of our previous sets was bundled in a lovely little canvas bucket.

From an aesthetic point of view (which is my default setting), the canvas buckets were great because they could be repurposed, but they had ceased serving our brand's image a while ago. They were lovely and sweet, but we were ready to present our gift sets in a way that was easier to present (i.e. wrap) as a gift, as well as ship and sit on shelves in your favorite store much better.

Thus, our new boxes. We worked with our printer for months and months getting the insides of each box to hold the products exactly right, in a way that nestled them in and kept them protected during shipping. We also loved the idea of incorporating a brand new pattern (yay!) using the products' colors on the outside of the box, an endeavor I was happy to pursue.

So, what's so great about a cardboard box, you ask? Actually, more than you may think!

1. Sustainability.

Every component of these boxes is made from recycled paper. And even better, the white paper used inside and out is made from 100% post-consumer fiber – paper that has served its original intention and been diverted from landfills through the recycling system and repurposed for new paper! (Just saying paper is "recycled" is still good, of course, but that doesn't necessarily mean it's been captured and given another life cycle – this is what gets us really excited.) 

2. Quality.

Sure, the white paper is 100% post-consumer fiber, but it's so much more than that. We scoured the world of paper to find the best quality within this narrow category, and one of the brands at the very top is called Neenah, who takes pride, rightly so, in its far reaching sustainability practices. Actually, (and this might be something for another blog post), Neenah is a fan of Zoe Organics and our eco-friendly practices, and they have graciously discounted the paper we use to make all our product packaging! This helps us to be able to offer price points at more reasonable levels that we would be able to do otherwise. Which leads me to our next point...

3. Pricing.

Organic ingredients are more pricey, which translates into generally higher prices for our pure, organic products than for conventional skincare products. And we get it. From day one, we've been doing what we can to set our prices more economically, in order to provide easier access to the good stuff. I won't get into the nitty gritty of pricing (for more info about the business side of things, subscribe to our podcast!), but in regards to the new gift sets, this has allowed us to bring the prices down quite a bit and make them a lot more budget-friendly. Which is something we're thrilled to be able to offer to our customers.

4. Reusability.

Did I mention these boxes are reusable?! This is indeed one of my favorite perks of the new gift sets. We intentionally left out any glue in the packaging so that the insert would be easy to pull out and recycle, and the box itself without the wrap has no printing on it. A blank slate for new life!

Zoe Organics Gift Set – Box Inside

Zoe Organics Gift Set – Empty Box

Zoe Organics Gift Set – Empty Box with Lid

Here are just some of the possibilities for new use: baby keepsakes and memories, family photos, personal stationery, a drawer organizer for cosmetics or hair accessories, packets of seeds, a puzzle, a game of dominos, decks of cards, a "grown-up time" box hidden in your underwear drawer :), childhood awards and medals, an antique lace collection, diaper pins/pulls under a changing table, artist pencils and charcoals, costume jewelry, sewing needles, and the list goes on.... 

But my favorite reuse for this new box is actually to hold a new gift for you to give! There's something to be said for a nice, sturdy box, especially if it can be personalized and made beautiful just the way you want it. Endless possibilities.

So as gift-giving season is soon upon us, we hope you'll keep our new gift sets in mind. We sure are proud of them, and happy to finally be able to offer them to you. And we would love to see photos of how you're reusing the box post-gift set!! Tag us on Instagram @zoeorganics using #repurposemyZO – we love sharing beauty! :)



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