Zoe Organics Podcast: Behind the Brand

Zoe Organics Podcast

Zoe Organics: Behind the Brand is our NEW weekly podcast brought to you by the hard-working, organic-loving women at Zoe Organics! Get an insider’s peek at how founder and creator, Heather Hamilton, started an organic skincare company from her kitchen when green beauty wasn’t a thing. Learn how the brand continues to be a forerunner and innovator for clean beauty and conscious living in an evolving, rapidly-growing industry. Get the scoop on the natural & organic products industry, dive into a variety of wellness and lifestyle topics, and hear inspiring and meaningful conversations with experts and fellow entrepreneurs. Look for new episodes every Friday morning.

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ZO Podcast: Episode 008

Episode 008

We're taking a break until after the new year, but in the meantime, Lee and Pam talk a bit about their families' holiday traditions, and how they handle getting all the things done.

ZO Podcast: Episode 007

Episode 007

In this refreshingly honest interview, we get to be a fly on the wall while Heather and Adina talk about some of the emotional challenges of running a skincare business.

ZO Podcast: Episode 006

Episode 006

Anxiety and depression can be debilitating, yet most of us are uncomfortable talking about it. Heather and Pam open up about their own experiences, and it gets real.

ZO Podcast: Episode 005

Episode 005

Heather talks with Victoria from La Bella Figura about what it was like building brands before green beauty was a thing, and how the most important thing is still the most important thing.

ZO Podcast: Episode 004

Episode 004

Suzanne and Heather talk about product manufacturing, scaling and managing growth, and what it takes to persevere while not compromising on core values or quality.

ZO Podcast: Episode 003

Episode 003

Heather asks Janny about what authenticity means to her, and how she sifts through so much conflicting information and greenwashing.

ZO Podcast: Episode 002

Episode 002

Heather and Lee go back to the very beginning of Zoe Organics, when Heather was making organic skincare products out of her kitchen. How an unexpected tragedy led to the story behind the name.

ZO Podcast: Episode 001

Episode 001

Heather talks with Lee, Pam and Lorri, three of the women behind the brand, about how they met and came to be a part of the company. They reflect on the challenges and joys of being a startup, and what’s next for the brand.

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