A Beginner's Guide to Zoe Organics

A Beginner's Guide to Zoe Organics

Welcome! We are SO happy you're here - and kudos to you for seeking out better products for yourself and your family! We want to help you navigate how to choose and use our products so that you have the best possible experience and outcome. 

Our products are grouped into categories: pregnancy, baby, everybody, home, tween and travel, and we use these cute icons as identifiers. But, the truth is, most products were formulated to be used by all ages and skin types, so don't feel you have to fit narrowly within a category for the products to apply to (and benefit) you. 

In short, we make body care basics, and products for living life; we are here for your outdoor adventures, or when you are fighting off a cold. Every product is designed to solve a problem and to make your life at least a little bit better. 

Are you ready for healthy, happy skin? Here is a quick guide for selecting products by need:

Wash + Clean

Baby Bath Tea - the gentlest cleanse is soap-free. Just ground organic oats, herbs and cocoa butter to naturally cleanse, soothe and soften delicate skin. Comes in a muslin bag that doubles as a wash sachet. 

Bath Wash - a gentle castile soap with a pump that delivers the most perfect foam for everything from washing baby to shaving. Comes in 3 sizes - a family favorite!

Hand + Surface Spray - when soap and water aren't available, our super safe and fresh essential oil scented sprays do just the trick for hands and small surfaces, like your germy cell phone. 

Moisturize + Condition

Baby Oil - massage this lightly scented lavender + chamomile body oil on daily for super soft skin. We love this for infant massage after bath time, and for gently lifting cradle cap. 

Cream - a rich conditioning treatment that is unscented and a must-have for dry skin, eczema or compromised skin. 

Dr. Shannon's Skin Balm - a creamy, dreamy balm that can be used from head to toe. Developed with a pediatrician for everything from sensitivities to scars. 

Belly Butter - a rich conditioning treatment for stretching skin during pregnancy, use alone or layer over Belly Oil. 

Belly Oil - a nourishing serum for pregnancy and postpartum to moisturize and reduce the appearance of stretch marks and scars. 

Protect + Restore

Everything Balm - a super handy balm in stick form for lips, faces and small surface area to protect from the elements and restore scrapes, burns and 

Diaper Balm - a creamy, clean balm to be used between diaper changes to protect skin from bacteria and moisture. Cloth diaper friendly. 

Insect Repellent - a completely natural and organic (and deliciously scented to humans) spray that keeps bug at bay while you enjoy the great outdoors. 

Support + Soothe

Breathe Balm - a mess-free stick that delivers soothing aromatherapy where applied to support rest and clear breathing when feeling under the weather.


We love talking about or products and ingredients, so if you have a question, please message us or send us an email! 





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  • Dec 18, 2020

    Good morning,

    I am just wondering when you will be replenishing in Canada at well.ca or if there is anywhere else in Canada I can buy your products here? Shipping directly from you is too expensive but our family is obsessed with your diaper balm! It’s by far the best we’ve used and I love that we can feel safe using it on our babe’s skin. I have 6 friends having babies in the next 3 months and I want to gift them one and we are just about scrapping the bottom of our jar. I also want to try some of your other products – skin balm, cream, insect repellent, breathe stick – they all sound amazing!!

    Please advise and restock ASAP! Lol



    — Courtney Studiman

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