It's pretty unanimous here at the Zoe Organics HQ that we love fall! We've been getting cozy, planning for the holidays and dreaming of time away with family. We've also been sharing our favorite travel essentials, and we thought it would be fun to share our team's must-haves with you. Whether you are taking a day trip or and extended stay, we hope you find them useful!


Pam (Creative Director)

1. Balanced Guru: Nourish Me Facial Serum. I am a longtime fan of facial oils for cleaning and moisturizing. I recently came across this facial serum, and it immediately became my favorite. It’s light enough to be easily absorbed, and it smells amazing! Also, 100% organic ingredients – you can’t go wrong here.

2. Muji neck cushion. I spontaneously threw one of these into my basket while shopping for a trip a couple years ago, and I’m telling you, this little guy has been the big surprise of it all! I literally have my neck cushion on my bed, and still sleep with it every night. It’s great as a travel pillow, of course, but seriously, for reading or watching shows on a laptop in bed, this is the clear winner. I think everyone should own one of these.

3. Muji hanging travel case. Best. Case. Ever. I use this when I travel, sure, but I also use it several times a week when I go to the gym. It’s the perfect size, perfect functionality, nothing extra, nothing wasted in this design. It makes me happy. Oh, and let’s not forget the empty containers to put shampoo/conditioner/products in. 


Lance (Shipping & Logistics)

1. Dr. Shannon's Organic Skin Balm (travel tin). This product is pretty much my "go-to" for dry hands, after shave, cuts, scrapes, burns, lips, and road rash from cycling. I keep a travel tin of this stuff wherever I go, and I'm amazed at how many uses I find for it. 

2. Beats Powerbeats3 wireless earphones. For those of us who can't live without our tunes, these are good quality and have a long battery life. Love them. 

3. Good reading material. Favorites are Peloton magazine or What We Talk About When We Talk About Love, by Raymond Carver. 


Lee (Social Media & Business Development)

1. Zoe Organics Everything Balm is always with me! Especially when I travel. Since it is perfect for cuts, scrapes, bites, rashes and more, you’ll definitely need it! 

2. Spectrum Organic Coconut Oil Packets. I love to use this as a moisturizer right out of the shower and the travel packets make it easy to pack in my toiletries bag. 

3. The North Face Backpack is the perfect size for traveling and even has a spot for my laptop. It’s super comfortable and can hold all my goods! 


Lorri (Operations)

1. NEOM Organics Travel Candle. A travel candle is essential for those  stuffy, not so sweet smelling, hotel rooms and it is also handy for a relaxing romantic rendezvous away from home. 

2. Helen of Troy Hot Air Kit. The hot air styling brush is great for quickly styling and drying my hair so I can spend more time having fun and less time on my hair. It replaces the curling iron step altogether for my fine hair. 

3. Bath Wash (travel size) and sample size Cream. I'm all about tiny containers when I travel, and love that I can take sample sizes of many of my favorites rather than using hotel samples. 


Lorato (Safety & Compliance)

1. Bath Wash (travel size). This product is the best product for my family. It is the only product we've tried that isn't drying. Even a few days of going back to other soaps is enough to disrupt the natural oils in our skin, and this travel size is TSA-friendly, easy to pack and is enough for my family to share. 

2. Crystal Nail FileI had a dream of being a hand model and taking care of my hands has always been important to me. I discovered crystal glass nail files and I always have one with me. 

3. Dr. Shannon's Organic Skin Balm (travel tin) This product is definitely my magic balm. My dry skin vanished when I started using this product and after six weeks my skin is baby soft. 


Jewel (Shipping & Customer Service)

1. Snacks. My (4) boys are always eating! We cannot leave home for even the shortest trip without a stash of granola bars, apples, carrots and celery, rice cakes or nuts. Anything easy for they to hold in their laps and that's not going to leave our van trashed. We pack our snacks in reusable cloth bags

2. Baby wipes. We've still got one in diapers, enough said. And these Honest wipes are awesome for cleaning up sticky hands and faces after French fries or burritos. They are tough and can handle lots of mess.

3. Everything Balm. I love this as lip balm, as hand cream, wiping under chapped noses and on chapped cheeks during cold season, on scrapes and scratches while at the park, just about anything!  So versatile and so handy to toss in my mom bag!


Heather (Founder, CEO)

1. Refresh Oil. This little roller bottle is a lot more than meets the eye. It has become one of my must-have mom-bag products because it has so many uses. The more obvious uses are quelling motion sickness (works for the whole family), headaches and nausea due to pregnancy or upset tummy. Other uses are taking the itch out of bug bites, helping to uplift or awaken the senses (any tires mamas out there?) and for travel in tight spaces, I love to dab some under my nose or roll on the palms of my hands and take some slow deep breaths. It sure beats the smells coming from the airplane bathroom or the body odor of the person sitting next to you. ;) 

2. Dr. Bronner's Lavender Organic Hand Sanitizer. With 3 kids, I never leave home without a non-toxic hand sanitizer. I'm THAT mom who always whips out the sanitizer after leaving public places when hand-washing isn't an option. And nothing can put a damper on a family vacation like a sick kiddo, so...

3. Calm AppI incorporate meditation into my daily routine to keep me mindful and present, help me concentrate, calm anxiety and promote better sleep. I love this app with guided and unguided meditations to suit your lifestyle (and even one for your commute)! 



Our Favorite Travel Essentials