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Best News Ever!! New Product Pricing!

Best News Ever!! New Product Pricing!

Growth comes with pain, but it is also life-giving.

This comes down to the core of what Zoe Organics is all about: celebrating, protecting and changing lives. It has always been my goal that our products would be available to touch as many lives as possible, and part of that is by making them available in as many physical locations as possible. The other part of this goal is that they are as affordable as possible.

We've worked really hard to keep your costs down while still providing the highest-quality, choice ingredients that make our formulas so pure and effective. It is very rare to find a line that uses ONLY certified organic ingredients in most formulations. It is also the exception to find brands that put so much care in their product packaging and design. These things are important to us, and we believe that they are important to you as well.

You read the blog title, so you know that we have some really amazing news to share! Beginning TODAY, many of our prices are lower! You heard that right, lower. While most are familiar with periodic price increases, we are taking a leap of faith (in you!) and lowering our prices!

How is this possible? There are some big changes we have been working on behind the scenes this past year. We've been working on our processes and partnering with new suppliers, a new manufacturer and logistics company to make Zoe Organics better than ever. Part of streamlining and scaling does come with cost savings, and while (of course!) we'd love bigger margins, we'd way rather more people have the opportunity to use our products. 

Our new pricing will roll out over the next several months as we introduce some new containers, packaging and sizes. Here are the new prices for today, already marked down in our shop:

Stay tuned for our other updates! We can't wait to reveal them!

With all these changes and growth taking place, I don't want to miss an opportunity to say thank you. Thanks to you, our customers and tribe, for making all of this possible. We wouldn't be anywhere without you.



Best News Ever – New Product Pricing!

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