The best drugstore lip balms celebrity makeup artists love

 From the Style section:

Is there anything worse than dry, cracking lips? It's painful, uncomfortable ... and not very kissable. Thank goodness for lip balm!

TODAY Style reached out to celebrity beauty mavens to get the scoop on their personal favorite lip balms that are available at local drugstores.

Suzy Gerstein, a celebrity makeup artist, loves our Everything Balm!

I love to apply this product with a brush when beginning a makeup application — it sinks right in while I'm doing the rest of the face and visibly hydrates clients' lips, preparing them for lipstick. I usually finish by patting the balm on the tops of my clients' hands and into their cuticles. Since we talk with our hands, and my job is to make people look great from head to toe, a multi-use product like this is fantastic because I can apply it anywhere that needs extra love.


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