In August, we were down in LA for A Night For Green Beauty, and I asked one of my very favorite humans, Gena, if she would come up from OC to the W Hotel to hang out for a few hours. To my total delight, she said yes and to top it off, brought me a gorgeous upcycled denim clutch she had just made and started selling to some Dana Point locals. A woman at the event saw the clutch and invited Gena to a special event in Santa Monica and now this mama is making her clutches and selling them on her shiny new website

I started using my clutch for a variety of things from an iPad case (it fits perfectly) to stashing makeup and travel size beauty products on the go. On the rare occasion that I leave the house sans kids (and all the "stuff" I need to bring with them) I take this perfect sized clutch filled with some pretty things and leave the big mom bag behind. 

After a few weeks of obsessing over my clutch, I realized a fun collaboration was in order. So, Gena and I put our mom brains together and came up with these gorgeous buttery grey-taupe clutches with modern cream colored zippers and fabric to go with our luxe Mama's Ritual beeswax aromatherapy candle and aromatherapy oil. This clutch is a very limited edition, hand-made creation and no more exactly like it will be made. So, in other words...snatch one up before they are gone!

Because Gena is such an awesome lady, I wanted you to get to know her a bit more too. Enjoy this quick conversation with her, then race over here to snatch up our Very Limited Edition Mama Luxe Gift Set AND enter below to win it!

Heather: What inspired Mixd Company? How did you start making clutches?

Gena: I've always loved to make things with my hands; oil painting, fashioning jewelry, cutting hair. I'm compelled to create. 

Heather: Talk about your love for finding treasures at thrift stores and how this also supplies many of the materials for your clutches.

Gena: As an avid thrift store shopper, I happened upon a bolt of vintage denim fabric that gave start to my clutch experiments and handbag creations. I've since focused in on upcycling leather garments and fatigue jackets I find second hand. 

Heather: You are also a mom of 3 (and homeschooling!). Tell us what a typical day looks like at your house.

Gena: I have 3 wonderful little people in my home under the age of 10. I'm now in my second year of home-schooling them through a hybrid (3 days home/ 2 at school) program. When they're home, I'm insanely busy just managing the tensions between assignments and distractions. I've found that an Enya playlist is a MUST! I'm not an organizationally structured person by nature, so this educational experiment goes against every fiber of my being. I'm taking it one diorama at a time.

Heather: If you could offer any "mom" advice, what would it be?

Gena: My mom has always said, "don't borrow tomorrow's trouble". As I'm now mothering my own kids, the truth in those words gets clearer and clearer with each passing year. I'm learning over and again that the things that cause me worry, especially with my children, are almost always just a "season".  These things that seem so challengingly monumental in the moment, they typically outgrow and move past.  And the things they don't are small in light of how big a blessing they are in my life. With all the baffling foibles and unique challenges they bring to the table, they enrich my life with such deep joy and fullness.  

Heather: This is a super fun collaboration! Thanks for sharing your gorgeous designs and making something beautiful for the mamas. 

Gena: I'm a huge fan of Zoe Organics! It's been such fun dreaming up and sewing together this collaboration with one another. I love this pairing and hope we do many more in the future.

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