the perfect skincare routine for babies

I love my work. In fact, I can’t think of much I would rather be doing than creating yummy organic skincare products; especially when, at the end of the day, I get to slather them on my own sweet boys and know that I am giving them the very best.

I’m not sure what bath time involves at your house, but around here, it is quite the affair. This is our routine:


  1.  For bath time, there are two options; the first is more common; to lather up with Zoe Organics Gentle Hair & Body Wash. This bath wash is so gentle with the perfect blend of mandarin and lavender essential oils to sweeten the deal.  This wash is a castille soap base, made with with nutrient rich organic oils. It contains absolutely no sulfates or surfactants.  The second option is to soak with Zoe Organics Baby Bath Tea. The Baby Bath Tea is one of my favorite products in the Zoe Organics baby line. The sweet, hand-stitched unbleached muslin bag is filled with organic herbs, organic oatmeal and organic/fair trade cocoa butter. It really is a luxurious treatment. This is the ideal solution for a newborn, a child with allergies, eczema, sunburn particularly sensitive skin. It is also ultra calming.
  2. Immediately after the bath, my boys get a massage with the Zoe Organics Baby Massage Oil. This oil contains organic apricot kernel oil, organic jojoba oil and organic olive oil; which means it is super rich in essential fatty acids, vitamin A, vitamin E, vitamin B complex, and anti-oxidents! These oils are easily absorbed by the skin (especially right after a bath), so it is never greasy. This oil is mildly scented with organic lavender and organic chamomile essential oils, which are especially calming.
  3. The skin on a child’s face withstands a lot. From the constant flow of things in and out of their mouths, drool, spit up, food that seems at times to collect more on the face than in the mouth…and then there is the weather…you with me? So, the first product I developed in the Zoe Organics baby line was the Baby Balm. This balm is conveniently packages in a large chapstick looking tube, that is easy to apply. My toddlers actually prefer to apply it themselves – which is great! This balm is so moisturizing, and the perfect protection from the “elements”. I always carry one in my diaper bag. We apply it after a bath, and as often as needed.
  4. Last, but not least…no baby skincare routine would be complete without the diaper balm. What I love about the Zoe Organics Diaper Balm (can you tell that I made this stuff?!) is that it is a clean balm that goes on clear. No icky, pasty guck here. I use this diaper balm at every diaper change, which provides my babe with a constant barrier . I don’t ever have to use the white pasty stuff (which by the way, is loaded with un-natural ingredients), because this diaper balm does its job! Cloth diaper user? This is the balm for you! The infusion of organic herbs; calendula, chamomile and lavender are so restorative and healing you don’t need any other diaper balm.

These 5 products cover, what I consider to be the perfect skincare routine for babes. Whether your child is blessed with beautiful, problem free skin, or suffers from severe ezcema; these completely organic and natural products are so effective. Not to mention, you will feel like your own bathroom has become a baby spa…

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  • Feb 28, 2014


    I tried looking for your shampoo and body wash online here in your “shopping” area and couldn’t find it. Do you sell a body wash?


    — Christina

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