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Most of my posts these days are about our products; whether it be a favorite ingredient, a new product or the value to using organics. But today, I am writing about something more personal, about something literally stirring in my belly…

About a year ago, I started working on a pregnancy line for Zoe Organics. I wanted to have it ready when the company officially launched with our baby line, in May 2010, but the line wasn’t complete at that point and I wasn’t satisfied with the existing formulas. So, late summer, with fresh perspective and energy, I took to finishing the line that we are going to make available to you next week!

I use the pun “labor of love” when describing the creation of this line because during the year prior to launching this company, I had the privilege of joining some amazing women from late pregnancy through childbirth, as their doula. Witnessing the strength and beauty of these women changed my life. Inspired by the roller coaster of raw emotions, power and unshakable beauty of these dear women who trusted me to join them and support them, I created a line of skincare products that I dedicate to them.

And now we are about to launch and I have yet another very personal reason to love this line. In late October, my husband and I discovered a very special “surprise”! Today as I type, I am very aware of the little life that is growing inside me…my third precious child. Sometimes I just have to stop and be in awe of how life unfolds. There have been many huge changes for my family in 2010, including the launch of Zoe Organics, a big move from Orange County to northern California, and a new pregnancy…

I look forward to personally sharing this miraculous journey with those who use the Zoe Organics pregnancy line. I have been using these products all through the development stages and now as a pregnant momma. I will be slathering my growing belly with my favorite product in the line, “Love My Belly Butter”. In short, I will be fully experiencing them right along with you.

There are a few topics that I will be blogging about during this time of blooming; I have found that with new life comes new inspiration. This isn’t just about my journey though, I hope you will share your own experiences and insights here in the comments of our blog.

And finally, parents love sharing pictures of their children, so here the very first picture of my little lovebug at our first ultrasound, at around 9 weeks:

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  • Mar 08, 2012

    This is so fantastic–all of it! Congratulations on all the great things unfolding in your life. :) Many blessings in the new year.

    — Laura K. Cowan

  • Mar 08, 2012

    Oh Heather!

    You are lovely through and through and it’s been such a pleasure to “know” you via online, if you’re ever in Toronto, ON you must drop a line!
    You have created such a beautiful line and thank you for sharing the beauty that is growing inside you. When you named your belly butter with “The skin that holds my world” you made my eyes well up as no other but you could create such a saying for your product.
    Sending you much love, light and happiness and I look forward to being with you over the next 9 months and more as being your #1 fan in Canada.
    You know I wish you all the best, because you and your family and extended deserve it!
    Blessed Be.

    — Erica (Mama Ash)

  • Mar 08, 2012

    Congratulations, how wonderful!

    — Brett

  • Mar 08, 2012

    Congratulations on your little miracle of life!

    — Tannis

  • Mar 08, 2012

    I’m so ecstatic for you!! I can’t wait to see what inspiration and change this little Bean brings to your family and your company. :)

    — laura

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