Best News Ever!

Best News Ever!

As a small business, it is exhilarating when we find ways to cut costs. Growing from 5 gallon batches of our Bath Wash to 55 gallon drums is one of these recent developments that has allowed us to significantly cut the cost to produce this beautiful, multi-purpose wash. 

One of the goals we have held from the beginning is to grow large enough that we could make our products more widely available. We are not elitist, and we hate the fact that our products can't be affordable to everyone. 

Well, we are continually working hard in this area, and the more you continue to support us, the more we can reduce some of the costs associated with the premium ingredients and packaging necessary to make our products the best. 

So you want to hear the best news? Our beloved Bath Wash is now $14 instead of $18!! We have reduced the cost by a whole $4 without making any compromises to the formula or packaging! 

If you haven't yet tried our multi-purpose Bath Wash for the entire family, here are some reasons to consider it!

Top 5 Uses for Bath Wash:

  1. Baby's first bath, and beyond. Our foaming pump produces the perfect lather, and is easy to use one-handed so you can keep your other hand on baby. You will only need a few pumps for baby's hair and body, and there is no overpowering scent – just a light blend of lavender and citrus essential oils. 
  2. Big kids love our Bath Wash too! It makes getting clean super simple with no need to waste gobs of gel or liquid soap trying to create their own lather. It rinses off well, and has been known to create the perfect foam beard. :)
  3. Shaving. No need to purchase a separate shaving cream; our foaming Bath Wash has a silky clean foam that makes shaving a breeze. Both men and women agree. 
  4. Face wash. We love using this wash with a konjac sponge or cleansing brush. Follow it up with our Cream for a simple and effective face treatment.
  5. Fur-babies deserve clean, quality products too – our Rhodesian Ridgeback gets a regular scrub down with Zoe Organics Bath Wash! Easy on and easy to rinse off. I'm pretty sure he feels like royalty when he's done (and he smells amazing). 


Don't forget, we have travel and refill sizes too! Our travel size Bath Wash (1.7 fl oz) is now $8 instead of $12 and the refill (32 oz) is $60 instead of $68! 








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