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A Kid's Guide: Fall Skincare

A Kid's Guide: Fall Skincare
School is back in session along with our favorite Fall activities. Viruses, chapped lips, dry skin and eczema flare-ups are some of the issues that also come with the season. Some of the ways we can counter this season is with warmth, moisture, exfoliation, and slower, more deliberate routines. We can focus on seasonal nourishing foods and getting more sleep and rest. In our Kids’ Edition of Transitioning to Fall Skincare, we are sharing our skincare and wellness tips for the kiddos and recommending effective products. Continue reading

5 Top Uses For Our Hero Product: Diaper Balm

5 Top Uses For Our Hero Product: Diaper Balm
There is a reason Zoe Organics Diaper Balm is our best seller and gets so many rave reviews from our customers. It is one of the very first products Heather formulated for her boys and launched with our baby collection in 2010, and the process and integrity of the ingredients has remained untouched even as batches have scaled. Continue reading

51 Uses for Dr. Shannon's Organic Skin Balm

51 Uses for Dr. Shannon's Organic Skin Balm
Dr. Shannon's Skin Balm is one of our favorite, most-loved products. It could be because the story behind this product is so special, or maybe because it is so versatile. Continue reading

Back to School with Zoe Organics!

Back to School with Zoe Organics!

School is back in session for our kids and it has been fun to see them reunited with friends and eager for the new adventures this school year will bring. 

On the first day of school we brought all of the usual school supplies: paper, pencils/pens, tissue boxes and sanitizing wipes, but we also packed our own arsenal of body care staples in their backpacks. Read on to hear how we are taking Zoe Organics back to school! 



Zoe Organics Everything Balm 

Lips and cheeks need a lot of TLC when you are a kid and Zoe Organics Everything Balm is about as handy a balm stick as you will find. With simple, but super effective natural ingredients, it will take on those school day skin issues with ease. And true to its name, it does a little of everything, so keep it close for bug bites to scrapes too. 



Zoe Organics Breathe Balm

I'll be honest. The mom in me always braces for the viruses that spread like wildfire in a classroom. We boost vitamin D and elderberry syrup, but chances are, you will go through several rounds of coughs and sniffles during the school year. Just like our hero Everything Balm in the handy stick, we combined the power of the Everything Balm base with a soothing essential oil blend that supports easier breathing and rest. It's easy and mess-free to apply, which makes it a favorite for the kiddos. 



Zoe Organics Dr. Shannon's Skin Balm

Playground scrapes and bruises are inevitable. Face-plants off the monkey bars, tripping and scraping hands and knees on the blacktop, and other such mishaps are just a part of an active childhood. We know it hurts and we teamed up with our favorite pediatrician to create just the right blend of active botanicals and creamy, soothing goodness to combat playground wounds. 



Zoe Organics Bath Wash

Do you ever feel like a broken record? Wash your hands. Wash your hands! Did you wash your hands? One of the best ways to prevent those back to school germs from spreading is frequent hand washing. But harsh, antibacterial soaps can be really rough on skin (and contain nasty ingredients!), leaving it dry, chapped and even stinging. Zoe Organics Bath Wash comes in a handy little travel size that fits into backpacks and purses, so you can avoid the harsh chemical washes when away from home. The creamy, rich lather is made from organic oils and contains no harsh surfactants. 


Are you ready to take Zoe Organics back to school with you too? You're in luck! Because tomorrow we are having a Back to School FLASH Sale! Save 20% site wide (excluding gift sets) from 6 am PST to midnight PST. Sign up for our newsletter to be notified when the sale is live and to get the code!

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Why You Need Refresh Oil

Why You Need Refresh Oil

Zoe Organics Refresh Oil is one of the products in our collection that is lesser known than some of our other hero products. However, it packs a powerful punch and comes in handy more than you’d think. In fact, this might be the little roller bottle that you never knew you needed! In this post, we aim to bring some clarity to this special oil, so that next time you need it, it will be right there in your purse, pocket or cabinet.


What is Refresh Oil?

Refresh Oil is an aromatherapy oil designed to refresh, awaken senses and help to counteract nausea and stomach upset. Originally created for our pregnancy collection, it has become a beloved family staple. The blend of quality organic essential oils, is diluted in organic jojoba oil and packaged in a glass roller bottle that can be conveniently applied and kept close by.


Zoe Organics Refresh Oil 


How does it work?

Our blend of essential oils includes lime, peppermint, ginger and spearmint. As you read through the properties of these oils, you will see why we chose them. Here are their primary properties: uplifting, stimulating, immune system and digestion support, and help relieving nausea and upset.  

Here are some facts about these oils:

Lime: A refreshing citrus oil that has an uplifting aroma and supports the immune system. It is an antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and supports digestion. (We use distilled lime essential oil, which is not phototoxic.)

Peppermint: This plant at its aroma are known for their ability to counteract nausea and vomiting and soothe upset tummies. It is known to increase circulation, has anti-inflammatory properties and works as a decongestant. Only a very small amount of this oil is needed to be effective and we use it in a 0.95% concentration in this formula.

Ginger: Supports the immune system and is commonly used to support digestion and relieve gas, nausea and vomiting. It can increase circulation and support the respiratory system, but helping to remove excess mucus.

Spearmint: Increases circulation, supports digestion and has an uplifting, stimulating aroma that is energizing and uplifting.


Zoe Organics Refresh Oil


How do I use it?

Refresh Oil can be used a few different ways, but the most straightforward use is to roll it on the pulse points (temples, neck and wrist). A light massage with the oil on the temples or neck can be a therapeutic little ritual or pick-me-up.

We also like to roll it on the palms, cup our hands around our nose and breathe a few slow, deep breaths. For young children, you can apply the oil to an adults hands and allow them to breath in the aromatherapy blend.

For adults and children, a gentle massage with the refresh oil on the stomach can be beneficial during upset or nausea. Simply apply the oil directly to the abdomen and gently rub the oil in a circular motion.

It is recommended to use caution with peppermint and spearmint essentials oils with young children because of the high menthol content. The combination of these oils is used at 0.45% dilution in this product. For use with young children begin by allowing them to smell the aroma of the oil rather than applying directly on their skin, particularly on our near the face.

As with all of our products, this one is a muti-tasker. The benefits of the essential oils make it a daily favorite.

Here are some of the ways our family and our customers use it:

  • Travel companion for motion sickness, nausea or stuffy, smelly enclosed spaces (planes, trains and automobiles)
  • Morning sickness and nausea
  • A pick-me-up for a tired mama or caregiver
  • A labor oil to stay alert and combat fatigue and nausea
  • A pick-me-up for C-section births
  • Tummy aches
  • For use before a test or to help with concentration
  • A refreshing perfume oil


Zoe Organics Refresh Oil


What are other people saying?

“A few weeks ago, my 5 year old daughter got a little stomach bug. I remember Heather telling me about a little trick that she would use on her kids, and boy does it work! Every time Emma would complain about her tummy hurting, I would grab our Refresh Oil and apply it in a circular motion on her stomach, and within minutes she would calm down and her stomach ache would subside a little bit! It was just enough to give her some relief.” – Lee W.

"As some who struggles with anxiety, I use this daily to keep my calm. Love breathing in all its goodness :)" – Teresa D.

"This oil never left my side during my first trimester. I often felt sick all day long, and rubbing this oil on my wrists/hands and smelling it when I got particularly queasy was really helpful. Even now that I am not as sick, the scent has become comforting so I still apply it daily. It is small but mighty. Couldn't have lived without it in those first few months!" – Jenn (review from

"At first I thought this was only a pregnancy essential oil, but the girls in the store explained that it can be used for motion sickness too. Now I keep it in my handbag and apply it whenever I am feeling nauseous while traveling, which is often. It is like a breath of fresh air on planes, trains, and in the car. Love this oil!" – Kathryn (review from

"This smells sooooo good of lime, ginger & spearmint – it's not strong and overpowering – it's very light and refreshing. I love using it as a natural perfume but it is also wonderful on pulse points when feeling sick, car sick, headache coming on, etc. It is so great to keep in my purse, it's small and easy to use with the roller ball. It is also nice to roll all over palms of my hands, rub together and take deep breaths if I'm feeling really run-down and tired. It's such a great price too – makes a great gift to for anyone who travels a lot or pregnant friends." – Carol H. (review from

"I love this product! It has a light, delicate scent that is very appealing. I use it multiple times a day." – Karyn M. (review from

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Our Cold Weather Essentials Bundle is back!!

Our Cold Weather Essentials Bundle is back!!

I'm sure we are all noticing how dry our skin is right now! The cold, dry air can be really tough on our skin. Normally dry skin gets drier, and conditions like eczema rear their ugly head. When it gets cold our skin produces less oil, and environmental factors work against us as well.

Dryness, as a result of our skin producing less oil and not being able to maintain as much moisture, is further aggravated by common factors like indoor heaters, certain fabrics (such as synthetics and wool) and long, hot baths (which we loooove). If you or your child suffers from eczema, you have probably noticed that the cold weather only exacerbates the symptoms.

When it gets cold, your spring and summer moisturizer just won't work anymore. You need an oil-based moisturizer that creates a protective layer on the skin to retain moisture and protect from the elements. Puleeeeease don't reach for the petroleum-based Vaseline! And no matter how much of that water-based lotion you slather on, it just isn't going to cut it.

It's no wonder that when the cold rolls in, our decadent organic Cream and skin balms fly out of our warehouse at warp speeds. Not only are they 100% organic and safe for everyone in the family, but they perform against dry, irritated skin like superheroes. 

Why? Because they are waterless, concentrated concoctions of plant oils and butters, beeswax and essential oils that soothe irritation and inflammation, restore chapped skin and provide a barrier to seal in moisture, while protecting from the elements. 

Zoe Organics Cold Weather Essential Bundle is back this season, due to popular demand! What's included? 



CREAM: Zoe Organics Cream is one of our top selling products. It is a waterless, ultra-rich, shea butter and plant oil "cream", infused with calendula and marshmallow root. It contains no essential oils or "scent" other than the natural scent of the shea butter and oils, so it won't irritate sensitive noses. Use this product from your face to your toes after bathing, while skin is still damp and as often as needed. 



EVERYTHING BALM: This balm stick is a must-have for faces (cheeks and lips) and as a spot treatment for other areas of dry or chapped skin. This formula utilizes the restorative and properties and protective properties of organic beeswax, coconut oil, jojoba oil and shea butter. It has a warm, subtle lavender scent from lavender essential oil.



BREATHE BALM: Flu season is the pits, and so are petroleum- and synthetic-based remedies. Our Breathe Balm in a large balm stick (with a similar base as our Everything Balm) contains a blend of essential oils that help support clear breathing and soothe when coughs and congestion hit. This aromatherapy balm supports a better night's rest and the balm stick makes application so easy and mess-free! Pregnant mamas rejoice: this is safe for you too!


These good-for-everyone essentials make a perfect gift to yourself or anyone you care about – teacher, co-worker, friend, parent, sibling, baby... you get the idea! The Cold Weather Essentials bundle is available exclusively at at a discounted bundle price of $37.95. 





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Winter, and Why We Love Waterless Products

Winter, and Why We Love Waterless Products

Winter is here, and that means dry skin. Read Heather's own list of favorites skin care items, how she uses them and why they are so effective.

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FREE Refresh Oil with purchase!

FREE Refresh Oil with purchase!

Did you know that our 100% organic Refresh Oil is a great natural remedy for tummy aches? You'll want this in your back pocket come Halloween! Here's why:

  • Peppermint Essential Oil: Helps to relieve bloating, calm stomach muscles, and reduce pain from cramping. It also helps eliminate gas from the intestines.
  • Ginger Essential Oil: Applying ginger essential oil directly on the stomach can relieve bloating and give you a boost.
  • Lime Essential Oil: An uplifting, sweet scent to help you feel refreshed.
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      Summer Skincare: Our Review of Sunscreens, After-Sun Care & More!

      Summer Skincare: Our Review of Sunscreens, After-Sun Care & More!

      Summer Skincare

      Our definitive summer skincare guide is here! Find out our list of personally tested, non-toxic, regular go-to sunscreen recommendations – for faces, sensitive skin and the whole family, as well as the best after-sun care products.

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