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Baby Massage

Baby Massage

All three of my children love to be massaged. It was a ritual we began when they were babies and has gotten us through infant colic, teething, nighttime growing pains, stress, and provided a special bonding experience for any pre-bedtime wind-down. As they grow older, sometimes these massages are the platform for precious conversations and a means to bring calm after a hard day. 

This powerful tool is too good to not recommend to every mama, so we have created a simple, useful, downloadable guide that covers everything from the benefits of baby massage to creating the best environment. At the end of the download are guidelines that you can cut out and keep in the nursery to help get you started. 

Cheers to hours of bonding and special memories that will last a lifetime!


What is Baby Massage?

Infant massage is a gentle, soothing therapy that has been shown to have physical and psychological benefits. It’s also a wonderful way to bond with your baby.


The Benefits of Baby Massage

  • Stimulates brain activity and releases oxytocin
  • Improves blood circulation
  • Increases alertness/heightens awareness
  • Reduces stress hormones
  • Improves immune function
  • Enhances development of the nervous system
  • Aids with digestion
  • Relieves discomfort of gas, colic, constipation
  • Deepens bonding between baby and parent/caregiver
  • Helps parent/caregiver respond to baby’s cues
  • Enhances communication between baby and parent/caregiver
  • Creates an opportunity for father, grandparent, or another special person in baby’s life to bond
  • Improves relaxation, sleep
  • Deepens baby’s feelings of security and overall well-being


The Process

Create a comforting environment.

  • Set aside 15-30 minutes of uninterrupted, distraction-free time
  • Choose a time when baby is happy and alert
  • Make sure temperature is warm enough so baby doesn’t get cold
  • Dim the lights and play a favorite lullaby album, or enjoy the quiet
  • Remove all jewelry that could scratch or distract
  • Follow up massage with snuggle or rocking time


Begin massage using these guidelines:

  • Make eye contact
  • Before you begin, request permission from your baby. This develops trust and respect; empowering him /her to accept or reject their body being touched
  • Watch for cues of engagement
  • Use gentle, fluid strokes (not so light that it tickles)
  • Keep strokes slow and relaxing; avoid over-stimulating baby by going too fast
  • Move from baby’s center, outwards (example: move from baby’s upper thigh down to his /her feet)
  • Balance – if you massage the right arm, massage the left arm next
  • Do each stroke 3 times and watch for cues from baby to continue or move to next stroke


Baby Massage GuideZoe Organics Baby Massage Guide

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Sweet Dreams: Spotify playlists


We’ve created three playlists for lullaby/sleepytime, that are each a bit different, but that are all relaxing, beautiful music. We hope you enjoy!



Sweet Dreams 1

Sweet Dreams 2

Sweet Dreams 3




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Our Cold Weather Essentials Bundle is back!!

Our Cold Weather Essentials Bundle is back!!

I'm sure we are all noticing how dry our skin is right now! The cold, dry air can be really tough on our skin. Normally dry skin gets drier, and conditions like eczema rear their ugly head. When it gets cold our skin produces less oil, and environmental factors work against us as well.

Dryness, as a result of our skin producing less oil and not being able to maintain as much moisture, is further aggravated by common factors like indoor heaters, certain fabrics (such as synthetics and wool) and long, hot baths (which we loooove). If you or your child suffers from eczema, you have probably noticed that the cold weather only exacerbates the symptoms.

When it gets cold, your spring and summer moisturizer just won't work anymore. You need an oil-based moisturizer that creates a protective layer on the skin to retain moisture and protect from the elements. Puleeeeease don't reach for the petroleum-based Vaseline! And no matter how much of that water-based lotion you slather on, it just isn't going to cut it.

It's no wonder that when the cold rolls in, our decadent organic Cream and skin balms fly out of our warehouse at warp speeds. Not only are they 100% organic and safe for everyone in the family, but they perform against dry, irritated skin like superheroes. 

Why? Because they are waterless, concentrated concoctions of plant oils and butters, beeswax and essential oils that soothe irritation and inflammation, restore chapped skin and provide a barrier to seal in moisture, while protecting from the elements. 

Zoe Organics Cold Weather Essential Bundle is back this season, due to popular demand! What's included? 



CREAM: Zoe Organics Cream is one of our top selling products. It is a waterless, ultra-rich, shea butter and plant oil "cream", infused with calendula and marshmallow root. It contains no essential oils or "scent" other than the natural scent of the shea butter and oils, so it won't irritate sensitive noses. Use this product from your face to your toes after bathing, while skin is still damp and as often as needed. 



EVERYTHING BALM: This balm stick is a must-have for faces (cheeks and lips) and as a spot treatment for other areas of dry or chapped skin. This formula utilizes the restorative and properties and protective properties of organic beeswax, coconut oil, jojoba oil and shea butter. It has a warm, subtle lavender scent from lavender essential oil.



BREATHE BALM: Flu season is the pits, and so are petroleum- and synthetic-based remedies. Our Breathe Balm in a large balm stick (with a similar base as our Everything Balm) contains a blend of essential oils that help support clear breathing and soothe when coughs and congestion hit. This aromatherapy balm supports a better night's rest and the balm stick makes application so easy and mess-free! Pregnant mamas rejoice: this is safe for you too!


These good-for-everyone essentials make a perfect gift to yourself or anyone you care about – teacher, co-worker, friend, parent, sibling, baby... you get the idea! The Cold Weather Essentials bundle is available exclusively at at a discounted bundle price of $37.95. 





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