A Kid's Guide: Fall Skincare

A Kid's Guide: Fall Skincare

Taking extra time for care during seasonal transitions is important for our well-being. Observing nature in Fall, we experience changes in the humidity and temperature of the air, leaves changing color and falling, days becoming shorter and the pace of life seeming too slow. 

School is back in session along with our favorite Fall activities. Viruses, chapped lips, dry skin and eczema flare-ups are some of the issues that also come with the season. Some of the ways we can counter this season is with warmth, moisture, and slower, more deliberate routines. We can focus on seasonal nourishing foods and getting more sleep and rest. In our Kid's Edition for Transitioning to Fall Skincare, we are sharing our skincare and wellness tips for the kiddos and recommending effective products. 

A Kid's Guide: Fall Skincare

Face/Lips: One of the first signs of dryness are chapped lips. You may also notice dryness around the mouth and cheeks. Simple changes in air temp and humidity and more time inside can have a big impact on skin. Our Everything Balm is everything you need in a convenient stick applicator to combat dry faces and lips. It is a hearty, nourishing formula with organic shea butter, organic oils and beeswax that has some staying power and doesn’t just sink in right away or disappear with a few licks. It is 100% organic and perfectly safe for faces and mouths.

Bathing: Even gentle soap can be more drying or even sting when skin is already sensitive from dryness, chapping or eczema. One of our favorite alternatives to soap is a unique blend of oats and herbs that gently cleanse, while also calming and moisturizing compromised skin. Our Baby Bath Tea is one of the most gentle ways to bathe and restore skin. If you haven’t tried it, take a look at how it works and some of its benefits. 

Body: Cool temps, dry air, wind, indoor heaters - all are drying to skin. It is important to use a good moisturizer from head to toe and the best time to apply is right after bathing, when skin is still warm and damp. Our concentrated shea butter based Cream is ideal because it will hold in moisture and provide a protective barrier for the skin. For areas that need even more TLC, add a layer of Dr. Shannon’s Skin Balm

Other Seasonal Essentials: 

Kids touch everything and sometimes, soap and water just aren’t available. Keep our Hand + Surface Spray with you for hands, shopping carts, and other germ covered surfaces. It’s made with premium organic ingredients and isn’t drying to the skin. 

Colds and coughs are a part of life and we made a balm stick for these times too. Our Breathe Balm is formulated with the same nourishing base as our Everything Balm, but we included an aromatherapy blend that helps support rest and easier breathing. It can easily be applied to under the nose, to the neck, chest, back and soles of feet. 

Using a cool mist humidifier in your home or your child’s room at night is a wonderful way to add moisture back into the air and can benefit both the skin and sinuses. 

Make sure your child is staying hydrated! When the air is cool, we tend to be less active, less thirsty and drink less. Make sure your child is staying hydrated from the inside. 

Focus on warm, nourishing foods that support your child’s immune system and growing body. Try our Minestrone Soup! It's a favorite around here.

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