World Breastfeeding Week 2017

World Breastfeeding Week 2017

I remember it as clear as day. A brand new mama with wacky hormones. Once tiny breasts now engorged and throbbing. Nipple shields, a breast pump, cream and ice packs. Nipples so sore, I’d hold back shrieks every time my fussy newborn would try to latch…

I was one determined brand new mama, who was completely baffled at how HARD breastfeeding was. I’d read the books, I’d seen my friends successfully breastfeeding and it was the least of my worries during pregnancy. Now I was stressed that my baby was starving, anxious because I couldn’t comfort him and perplexed at this unfamiliar body of mine.

The story does have a happy ending, thanks to a ton of support and some compassionate lactation consultants. My little boy and I persevered and successfully breastfed for 17 months.


The Creation of Zoe Organics Nipple Balm

I went on to breastfeed my second and third babies for a combined total of 77 months. I used several nipple balm products; usually what the hospital gave me samples of or recommended. One of them was Lansinoh, which had a lovely texture, but made me so itchy! I later learned that it was made of lanolin, a derivative of the sebaceous glands from the wool of sheep. Not only did this gross me out, but my skin reacted to it.

By the time my third child entered the world, I had launched Zoe Organics and was a whole lot more savvy about ingredients and what I wanted in a nipple balm. I went to work creating something with organic, food-grade ingredients that were naturally nourishing. My first batches were too firm, too greasy, too hard to apply… I kept my courageous breastfeeding mama friends on their toes – testing and providing feedback.

What we landed on was a beautifully creamy, not-too-firm, non-greasy balm made with nutrient-rich olive and avocado oils, calendula flowers and marshmallow root, conditioning cocoa butter and beeswax; a non-irritating emollient with antibacterial properties. The scent has a hint of beeswax and cocoa, rounded out by the slightly herbaceous virgin olive oil and herbal extracts. So subtle, yet somehow comforting.

Made only with certified organic ingredients, we can claim 100% organic on our formula. This product is currently being certified to USDA food-grade standards.

World Breastfeeding week honors all the mamas who gave breastfeeding their best shot. And whether that meant a few days or a few years, we celebrate you. We also honor all the women who lovingly provide breastfeeding support and education.

Cheers to one of life’s many miracles.




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World Breastfeeding Week 2017

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