Belly Oil v. Belly Butter


We are commonly asked to explain the difference between our Belly Oil and Belly Butter. When during the course of pregnancy should they be used? Should they be used together? Can one be used without the other? Which one is best for preventing stretch marks? This post is for all you fabulous mamas who are asking these really great questions!  

Zoe Organics Belly Oil and Belly Butter were created to each serve specific and unique purposes. Both are made up entirely of certified organic ingredients and are waterless, which translates into incredibly concentrated, toxin-free skin care, chock full of beneficial nutrients for your stretching skin. We recommend applying these products from the breasts down to the hips. 

So what IS the main difference between the Belly Oil and Belly Butter? 

For starters, they are made up of very different ingredients and are in different forms. The Belly Oil is an oil serum, packed with omegas that help maintain skin's strength and elasticity as it stretches. This oil is lighter than the Belly Butter and penetrates deeper. Made with virgin grape seed, rose hip seed, pumpkin seed and tamanu oils, it fights stretch marks during pregnancy and helps to reduce redness and inflammation postpartum, if they do appear, which is common in those final stretches of pregnancy (I can attest!). 

Our Belly Butter is a rich conditioner, formulated with a really high percentage of organic shea butter. We use a lot of shea butter around here because of its high vitamin and essential fatty acid content, necessary for collagen production. This product is also a home run when it comes to promoting strong, elastic skin during pregnancy and postpartum.

  1. When during the course of pregnancy should I use a Belly Oil or Butter? 

You can start nurturing your skin right away, but most definitely when it begins to stretch. Most women find their breasts are the first thing to change during pregnancy. Don't neglect the hips either. Every woman's body is different. Pay attention to growth and stay moisturized.

  1. Should the Belly Oil and Belly Butter be used together? Or can I use one and not the other?

These products can be used together or separately. You definitely don't have to use both, but you may find it very beneficial to do so! The Belly Oil is lighter and may be preferable during the day as it soaks in faster. The Belly Butter is like a leave in hair treatment or decadent face mask. Apply it at night and let it do its magic while you sleep. Especially wonderful during the 3rd trimester when skin is stretching fast and that dreaded belly itch comes to town. 

  1. Which one is best for preventing stretch marks? 

We wish we could say we have the secret potion to preventing stretch marks, but there are other factors besides topical moisturizers that determine your stretch mark fate. Stretch marks occur when the pressure from stretching is so great that the collagen and elastic fibers give way and small tears occur in the dermal layer of our skin. There is a genetic predisposition component, but we also believe that by nourishing our skin with essential nutrients, we can give our skin the best chance both for prevention and repair. We have designed these two products to do just that.  

  1. If I do end up with stretch marks, what can I do?

Stretch marks are a symbol of the magic that happened within our powerful feminine bodies, but we understand that they can impact how we feel about our appearance too. If you do get stretch marks, we recommend that you use our Belly Oil daily (you can apply the oil directly to the stretch marks several times per day as well) to reduce the appearance of the marks. Because the stretch marks are deep tears below the surface of your skin, they will not go away, but you can improve the appearance of them. It won't happen overnight, but with care, they will fade with time. 

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  • Jun 05, 2015

    PSS….forgot on previous comments….I love your products! Using them even though I’m not pregnant!

    — Lisa

  • Jun 05, 2015

    While I never got stretch marks….my boobs did fly south! :) I see stretch marks as beautiful, you had a beautiful child. That’s never ugly or to be embarrassed about!

    — Lisa

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