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Top 5 Pregnancy Essentials: Terri Hall from Integrity Botanicals

Top 5 Pregnancy Essentials: Terri Hall from Integrity Botanicals

We are so excited to have a guest blogger this week! We've known this special mama for a very long time. Her green beauty shop, Integrity Botanicals, was one of our very first retailers. Terri is just a couple days away from her due date with her second (so exciting!) and because Integrity Botanicals only carries the best natural and organic skincare products, we reached out to her to share her pregnancy skincare essentials and she did not disappoint. Read about her favorites below.



I was completely flattered when Zoe Organics asked if I would do a guest post talking about my pregnancy essentials. We have one son, Jackson, who is now 5 1/2 years old and I’m now in the final days of my second pregnancy. I used Zoe products in my pregnancy with Jackson and excited to share that Zoe products are a staple in my current pregnancy.


Here are my Top 5 Pregnancy Essentials:


  1. Zoe Organics Belly Oil: I’d highly recommend this for early on in pregnancy, from the first day that you find out you are pregnant. I used this with my first pregnancy and it definitely helped with my skin’s elasticity. I didn’t notice any stretch marks later in my first pregnancy as my belly quickly started to expand. In my second pregnancy, I failed to use this early on with being a busy working mom and then started to notice stretch marks develop in my 2nd trimester - lesson learned! I love how fast this belly oil absorbs without any greasy after-feel and will use this post pregnancy to get my belly back into shape.


  1. Zoe Organics Belly Butter: I used this in my 2nd and now in my 3rd trimester (both pregnancies). This belly butter is great for dryness and itchiness associated with stretching skin. I love how it spreads and absorbs into skin, making your belly feel moisturized and comfortable. A little goes a long way too so it will last a long time.


  1. Zoe Organics Everything Balm: If I had to choose one all over body care essential from Zoe (including a growing belly), especially for travel, this would be my go-to. It’s great because it comes in a convenient stick, spreads easily over skin without tugging and is super moisturizing without that greasy after feel. It has a light vanilla-coconut scent that’s really comforting. This balm also comes in handy if you are traveling with other kids - my 5 1/2 year old loves to use this balm and all by himself. :)


  1. de Mamiel Pregnancy Facial Oil: Love how this facial oil makes my skin glow! The aromatherapy blend of this oil is very soothing, calming and harmonious, it has a silky texture and it makes my skin feel so smooth. I love that this oil is also specifically formulated for pregnancy related concerns – hormonal and reactive skin, and especially safety. Pregnancy and beauty products, and what we put on our skin can become a very confusing topic, especially with the use of essential oils.


  1. La Bella Figura Découverte Under Eye Repair Serum: My absolute favorite eye serum for reducing dark circles and puffiness (not only during pregnancy!) This has been especially helpful in my 3rd trimester with many sleepless nights and struggling to be comfortable, not to mention my mind racing about all the things I need to do to prepare for our sweet baby’s arrival. This will also be a staple for me post pregnancy with the countless sleepless nights ahead. While this product is not specifically formulated for pregnancy, I personally feel comfortable using this product while pregnant. I always recommend checking with your doctor first before applying skincare products while pregnant.

Dr. Michael ShannonFormer Parson’s alum and former women’s contemporary fashion designer Terri Hall, the seeds for Integrity Botanicals and her passion for Green Beauty were sown when Terri was a teenager struggling with problematic skin that lasted throughout college. Terri spent countless hours researching and experimenting with myriad natural homemade remedies – from egg white masks to face cleansers to hair masks and anti-aging treatments — to sooth problematic skin, psoriasis and more.

Terri launched Integrity Botanicals with her husband Marc and after the birth of her son devoted herself to the Green Beauty industry and helping to educate customers on beauty products that were healthy, luxurious and full of integrity.

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Real Natural Beauty

Real Natural Beauty

A few weeks ago, Organic Authority published an article, What Real Natural Beauty Brands Want You to Know About Big Beauty. It was a very well-written piece by Liz Thompson, with quotes from some of my dear friends and brand founders in natural beauty. As I read through the article, it caused me to reflect on what Natural Beauty really is, and why we started in the first place. I wanted to spend a few minutes adding my thoughts because I think this is an important conversation to have as the natural beauty industry continues to grow and evolve.


Organic Authority quote: Heather Hamilton


Zoe Organics products became available in May of 2010. I was making products and running the business from my kitchen. I was a young mom with a toddler, preschooler and was pregnant with my third. I believed that natural and organic products could be so much more than what was currently on the market. During the first few years in business, I connected with some of the brand founders that today have thriving businesses. They also started in their kitchens or studios, researching and sourcing the best natural and organic ingredients they could find, making them with utmost care in small batches.

We had a common goal, to educate consumers on the benefits of natural and organic ingredients and provide something different than the conventional products that dominated the market. When we began, green beauty was still very young and good products were hard to find. You could take our products at face value, and when you called the number on the website, you could speak with the brand founder, who was also the formulator (and likely every other role within the company)!

In 2013, our friends La Bella Figura started A Night For Green Beauty, which would, for the subsequent three years, be the leading, highly anticipated green beauty event, bringing together the best premium natural indie brands into an intimate setting. It wasn’t a “show”, but a premiere social gathering, complete with flower crowns, champagne and tables covered with the most beautiful natural and organic products.


A Night for Green Beauty_1

A Night for Green Beauty_2


We, collectively, evangelized and promoted each other’s brands. We recognized that together we were a force that could bring about change. And indeed it did. Our efforts began to pay off and gain momentum as consumers eagerly made the switch to natural – now that products that were safe, beautiful and performed well were available. And sales picked up.



A Night for Green Beauty_3


Fast forward seven years, and the opportunities have multiplied. The challenges have as well. We all agree that without the growth and consumer demand for natural products, we wouldn’t have the opportunities we do today. But we also feel the pressure from brands who have jumped on the bandwagon when it became trendy to do so. Brands that have big budgets and celebrity followings, and are far more motivated by the bottom line than their environmental or social impact.

But despite all the noise that has entered this evolving industry, I believe what set us apart then is what continues to set us apart today: our steadfastness to what we believe in, and the reasons why we started in the first place. As I read all of the quotes from the brand founders in this article, I was encouraged and re-energized. As long as there are brands fierce with purpose and commitment to quality and authenticity, there will be Real Natural Beauty.

Real Natural Beauty


Header photo: Olly Joy on Unsplash

Illustrations: The Chalkboard

Product photo: La Bella Figura
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